Saturday, July 10, 2010


Let’s face it. Some people are really different. Some point of view is not what you think they should be. And at every blink of your eyes you may see different thing in life. That is the beauty of life.

A Japanese guy in one of the roads in America got lost. He asked someone the name of the block where he was standing on. That American guy said that it was a block surrounded by road 1 and road 2. That Japanese guy did not understand.

An American coming to Japan asked someone when he got lost. He asked the name of the road he was standing on. That Japanese guy said it was a road between block 1 and 2. That American guy did not understand.

That stupid misunderstanding happened because there is no block name in America and there is no road name in Japan. There is road name in America as well as there is block name in Japan. It’s just as simple as we don’t know it.

There’s flipside of everything.

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