Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Mystery of Tomorrow

If I have chance to choose which part of my life that I want to see the most, I want to choose tomorrow. It’s not myself at 35 or 60 I really want to see. I am not interested at all.

What I want to see is what I am going to eat tomorrow. Will it be good? Will it be the same food I had today? And will I meet the same people? And will I face the same business issue? Well, life is moving and I am really curious how I see new things everyday.

I am person who usually think of the future instead of the past. It’s more interesting to see new things than bringing my imagination back to, say, 5 years ago. It was something, but I just don’t want to regret on something and wishing I could turn back the time. Being in the tomorrow is more interesting. And maybe that’s why I am quite forgetful – I think too much about the future and how interesting every second tomorrow will be.

Today is the future of my past. I couldn’t imagine before that I would be here, sitting in the sofa and typing this note whilst relaxing. From the window of my apartment, I could see how cheerful Bangkok night sky is. And I enjoy every second and every letter I type here. I enjoy every joke guys talking about in “How I Met Your Mother”.

Hopefully tomorrow will be exciting. At least it will be new thing.

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