Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What bad things happen to your life today?

"The only thing that grows from cultivating any dark seed of sorrow is more bitter fruit." -- Guy Finley


I have learn today that being positive and acceptive is so much fulfilling than being grumpy and denial.

Things happen naturally in life. The same thing applies to bad things. You name it. Brokenhearts happen. Bad news happen. Traffic just happen. And the best approach toward it should be just be with it, follow it and adjust self.

Mother earth never fails to put smile on people face when they have positive attitude against bad days. Bad day is just it. It's bad when we think it's bad. It's natural and it's perfect, as perfect as good day, depending on how we see it. Troubles are natural, as natural as being naked when we take shower. The day you fell in love was just as natural as the day you got dumped.

Life isn't waiting when you get there. It's happening right now. Don't expect better life unless you see the now is natural, if not perfect.

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