Sunday, February 13, 2011

Baby Steps for Today

Nobody can predict the future. Your husband might leave you. You might come to your doctor and got a cancer diagnose. You might unintentionally throw your blackberry onto the road and broke it into pieces. Your Feb 14th might be the day your girlfriend cheated. You might come to office on Monday morning, excitedly, and your boss said that your masterpiece was a crap. You’ve been proud of your wedding but you might find it came to an end.

When that bad news punches you on your face, you always have two options. Take a baby step for today to choose the right attitude.

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betty said...

i've been in a day when i was told i had small nodes in my breasts; my brother was so sick he must take medications for good; my parents wanted to get divorced; i was dumped by a friend i used to think will last forever, twice; left by a man i loved to get married with another girl, thrice..

agree, it's our choice which attitude to take.. it's always a choice, coz what it's all about in life.. life's too short to hold on crappy thing, stay choiceful, life is soo good to wasted!

Anonymous said...

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