Thursday, March 24, 2011

Passed Away

- March 23, 2011 7.36 AM. In my room. It's raining heavily outside. -

Tuesday evening in the office. I was working in front of my notebook when I got a text message from my bro. My grandma passed away. In a blink of an eye, my mind flew nowhere. "A month ago I met her, now I have no chance to meet her again."

My grandma underwent a diabetes since few years ago. She lost one leg because of this disease. Once she was ever in the worst health condition. Everyone was in the hospital to be ready for the worst. So was I. I thought she would leave us that time. I regret that I didn't put my faith on her that time. She recovered eventually. She danced. She sang. She was passionate about life. She overcome death. One of my notes 2 years ago showed how impressed I was with her passion about life. I really was.

But she left us yesterday. Eventually.

She is one of the most important people in life for my family. When I was ten, we moved to Jakarta and lived with her. We had no money. We took risk to build our life peace by peace. We left Palembang with faith that life would be better in mega city. The laughter. The time we spent together. The love of grandma to her grandchildren. The time when I was hiding from her when she got mad.

Now I am at 29th floor of my apartment. It is raining outside. I am supposed to have off site with friends in Hua Hin but I chose to stay to prepare for my trip back to Jakarta.

Life isn't waiting for us when we get there. It's happening right now. With the death of my grandma, I learn that every second of my life is destined for something. For a reason. To be thankful for one more day to live. To express gratitude for all flavors I never know existed. For realization that people come to life and go leaving us in a blink of an eye.

I stay grateful.
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